Monday, February 18

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[Video] Ansible and PostgreSQL

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I don’t often get to speak on technical topics, but the video of my presentation below covers various concepts around "Ansible and PostgreSQL" - something I am very enthusiastic about. This presentation covers the following topics: Overview of Ansible and PostgreSQL Best strategies for mixed cloud and on-premises deployments How to deploy AlwaysOn PostgreSQL clusters How to perform maintenance updates How to create a variety of cluster types How to backup servers for mixed on-premises and multi-cloud deployments

pgxc_ctl: Teaching Postgres-XL in New York City

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At the 2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL conference in New York City this year, I had the pleasure of delivering a training on Postgres-XL together with Andrew Dunstan. We capped the attendees at 8 because we wanted to have a lot of lab time with the students and spend time helping them get set up with Postgres-XL. The class sold out. We had attendees not only from New York City but also from other parts of the United States and one from Europe. I was honored to have folks travel so far to take the course Andrew and I put together, based on work Pavan Deolasee had done previously. We received a lot of positive feedback on the class. Andrew put together a script that enabled all the students to operate on  3 separate 5 node Postgres-XL clusters. Each of the students could of had their own 5 node (more…)