Friday, February 15

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pglogical 1.2 with PostgreSQL 9.6 support

Petr's PlanetPostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 9.6 is now out and so is an updated version of pglogical that works with it. For quick guide on how to upgrade the database with pglogical you can check my post which announced 9.6beta support. The main change besides the support for 9.6.x release of PostgreSQL is in the way we handle the output plugin and apply plugin. They have now been merged into single code base and single package so that there is no need to track the pglogical_output separately for the users and developers alike. We fixed several bugs this time and also made upgrades from 9.4 much easier. Here is a more detailed list of changes: keepalive is tuned to much smaller values by default so that pglogical will notice network issues earlier better compatibility when upgrading from PostgreSQL 9.4 (more…)

Postgres-XL 9.5r1 has finally arrived!

2ndQuadrant, Pavan's PlanetPostgreSQL
After months of efforts, I'm pleased that Postgres-XL 9.5r1 is seeing the daylight. It has been tremendous collective efforts by many, both inside and outside 2ndQuadrant. Often it's not visible via commit history or mailing list communications, but I must admit that many folks have contributed in making this grand release. Contributors who wrote code and sent ideas, those who reviewed the code, QA team for testing and enhancing regression coverage, those who did benchmarks to show how we are doing, those who wrote automation to deploy the product and of course the user community for testing the product and providing invaluable feedback. So thank you folks! Over the year, I've periodically wrote about various enhancements we made to the product. But let me summarise some of them here (more…)

Postgres-XL 9.5R1Beta2 Released!

Pavan's PlanetPostgreSQL
The Postgres-XL 9.5R1Beta2 release went out yesterday. It's another step forward to have a stable 9.5 release sometime very soon. A few key enhancements from the last beta release are captured in this blog. For the full list, I would recommend to read the release notes. Support for binary data transfer for JDBC and libpq If you'd trouble receiving data in binary format via JDBC or libpq, this release should fix those issues for you. The coordinator now have intelligence to figure out if the client is requesting data in binary format and handle those cases correctly. Pushdown of Append and MergeAppend plans One of the problems reported with the beta1 release was that for inherited tables, coordinator fails to pushdown plans to the remote nodes even when its possible. A simple example (more…)

Dynamic SQL-level configuration for BDR 0.9.0

Craig's PlanetPostgreSQL
The BDR team has recently introduced support for dynamically adding new nodes to a BDR group from SQL into the current development builds. Now no configuration file changes are required to add nodes and there's no need to restart the existing or newly joining nodes. This change does not appear in the current 0.8.0 stable release; it'll land in 0.9.0 when that's released, and can be found in the bdr-plugin/next branch in the mean time. New nodes negotiate with the existing nodes for permission to join. Soon they'll be able to the group without disrupting any DDL locking, global sequence voting, etc. There's also an easy node removal process so you don't need to modify internal catalog tables and manually remove slots to drop a node anymore. New node join process With this change (more…)

Barman 1.1.2 released

Barman, International News
Version 1.1.2 of Barman, backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL, has been officially released and is publicly available for download. This minor release includes: Support for the "configuration_files_directory" option that allows to include multiple server configuration files from a directory Support for special backup IDs: latest, last, oldest, first Management of multiple servers to the 'list-backup' command: 'barman list-backup all' now list backups for all the configured servers. Support for "application_name" management for PostgreSQL >= 9.0 Fix of bug #18: ignore missing WAL files if not found during delete Download and general information You can find more information on Barman at Download: Sources RPMs for RHEL/CentOS 5 (dependencies (more…)