Thursday, June 21

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Working towards Postgres-XL 9.5

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It’s been busy few months as we work towards merging Postgres-XL with the latest and greatest release of PostgreSQL. Postgres-XL is an open source fork of PostgreSQL that provides a scalable platform for OLTP and Business Intelligence. The current release of Postgres-XL is based on PostgreSQL 9.2, so it lacks all the improvements made to PostgreSQL over the last three years. 2ndQuadrant and other companies are working on bringing distributed scalability into PostgreSQL core as well as building tools and extensions outside the core. As part of that, Postgres-XL has a number of features that we’d like to bring back into core PostgreSQL, so 2ndQuadrant has picked up the task of updating the Postgres-XL code base to the latest PostgreSQL release as the first step. After more than 3 months (more…)