Monday, March 25

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PostgreSQL 9.3 EOL – Why is it Important to Upgrade?

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After the final release of patch 9.3.25 on November 8th 2018, PostgreSQL 9.3 is no longer supported. Therefore it’s time for all users of PG 9.3 to upgrade their databases to a newer supported version. The benefits of having a supported version are many and that’s what Craig Ringer talks about in the Q&A session below: Why is it important to upgrade your PostgreSQL database to the latest version? Craig: Always update to the latest minor version. 2ndQuadrant's 24/7 support services often help customers who could've avoided experiencing a production outage or fault simply by updating every minor version or two. The PostgreSQL community (including 2ndQuadrant) releases minor point releases conservatively, and for good reasons. Keep up to date on those patches. Note: A "minor (more…)