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Kanban & devops culture at 2ndQuadrant – Part 2

In Part 2 of this series, we will continue our journey within the developmental dynamics of the Barman open source project for PostgreSQL database backup and disaster recovery. After providing a small introduction to devops and Kanban in Part 1, let's focus on the basic element of our daily management: The Boards.(more…)

Barman 2.1 and the new –archive option

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Barman 2.1 Version 2.1 of Barman, backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL, was released Thursday, Jan. 5.The new release, along with several bugfixes, introduces preliminary support for the upcoming PostgreSQL 10, and adds the --archive option to the switch-xlog command. switch-xlog --archive The new --archive option is especially useful when setting up a new server.Until now, the switch-xlog command used to force the PostgreSQL server to switch to a different transaction log file. Now, Barman also gives the --archive option, which triggers WAL archiving after the xlog switch, and forces Barman to wait for the archival of the closed WAL file.By default Barman expects to receive the WAL in 30 seconds, the amount of seconds to wait can be changed using the --archive-timeout...
Speed up getting WAL files from Barman

Speed up getting WAL files from Barman

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Starting from Barman 1.6.1, PostgreSQL standby servers can rely on an "infinite" basin of WAL files and finally pre-fetch batches of WAL files in parallel from Barman, speeding up the restoration process as well as making the disaster recovery solution more resilient as a whole.The master, the backup and the standby Before we start, let's define our playground. We have our PostgreSQL primary server, called angus. A server with Barman, called barman and a third server with a reliable PostgreSQL standby, called chris - for different reasons, I had to rule out the following names bon, brian, malcolm, phil, cliff and obviously axl. ;)angus is a high workload server and is continuously backed up on barman, while chris is a hot standby server with streaming replication from angus ...
PostgreSQL User Group NL

PostgreSQL User Group NL

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Last week I was invited by the Dutch PostgreSQL User Group in Amsterdam to speak on PostgreSQL Administration Recipes. It was the first session of 2016, and the third since they started meeting last year.Using the simple format of a cooking recipe, I presented some techniques that a PostgreSQL DBA can use to solve recurring problems, for instance: change your password without leaving traces of the new password around; quickly estimate the number of rows in a table; see which parameters have a non-default setting; temporarily disable an index without dropping it. The last recipe was more philosophical: plan your backups, or better yet, plan your recovery!After my talk I listened to the interesting presentation from Reiner Peterke who described pg_inside, his tool for collecting