Thursday, June 21

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Pavan's PlanetPostgreSQL
Two weeks back we discovered an ancient bug in PostgreSQL which may cause index corruption when index is built via CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY (aka CIC). All supported releases of PostgreSQL are affected by this bug. The bug could be a source of index corruption reports that we receive from the field once in awhile. Now before we discuss the problem, let me make it absolutely clear that PostgreSQL is known for its gold standards as far as code quality and product stability is concerned. But just like any other software, the database engine can also have unnoticed bugs. But PostgreSQL community takes every known bug very seriously and try to¬†fix it on priority. No wonder that the bug fix went into the scheduled 9.6.2 release (and all other stable releases) at a very short notice, but not (more…)

Postgres-XL 9.5r1.1 released

2ndQuadrant, Pavan's PlanetPostgreSQL
The Postgres-XL community has released a new version of the software, tagged as 9.5r1.1. This is a minor update to earlier 9.5r1 release, but contains some very important bug fixes. I would encourage everyone to immediately upgrade to this latest release. Being a minor release, you only need to download the latest sources from , compile, install new binaries and restart your servers. Major Improvements This release is fully caught up with the latest PostgreSQL 9.5 minor release i.e. it includes all bug fixes from PostgreSQL 9.5.3 version, also released today. List of important bug fixes in PostgreSQL 9.5.3 can be found here. Apart from that, it contains following important bug fixes: Fix a nasty bug in CLOG and Subtrans Log management which may lead to severe data corruption. Add a (more…)