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Kanban & devops culture at 2ndQuadrant – Part 2

In Part 2 of this series, we will continue our journey within the developmental dynamics of the Barman open source project for PostgreSQL database backup and disaster recovery. After providing a small introduction to devops and Kanban in Part 1, let's focus on the basic element of our daily management: The Boards.(more…)
Conference isn’t enough?!  Join us for post-conference training!

Conference isn’t enough?! Join us for post-conference training!

2ndQuadrant, International News
Did you know - 2ndQuadrant has the largest single, collection of PostgreSQL experts of any company globally?!With a team of some of the best known developers, they all still actively contribute to the progressive development of PostgreSQL. Would you like to have access to some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people available? The 5432...MeetUs! post-conference training is your chance!In addition to the Kanban System Design training course with Dragos Dumitriu we mentioned last week, there will be a variety of other training courses in the days following the 5432...MeetUs! conference.  When you attend a course with 2ndQuadrant, you learn from experts who understand PostgreSQL, the platforms, programs, and languages at the deepest level.Learn in depth about the tas
5432…MeetUs! Conference Gives Opportunities for Meaningful Takeaways

5432…MeetUs! Conference Gives Opportunities for Meaningful Takeaways

2ndQuadrant, Britt's PlanetPostgreSQL, International News
If you are eager to learn new competencies or advance your skills in PostgreSQL and other Open Source programs, platforms, and languages, you should join us at the 5432...MeetUs! conference!Between the workshop track offered during the conference and the optional trainings offered in the two days following the conference, it looks like there will be something for everyone at this conference. There's a chance to be hands-on with different programs, platforms and languages such as Docker, Repmgr and more - we also hear that they will have some Raspberry Pis that you can experiment with.The workshops are an optional track during the conference (it is required that you register in advance) and the trainings will be held in the days following the conference.Some of our very own
Keen on Kanban? The 5432…MeetUs! Conference can teach you everything you need to know!

Keen on Kanban? The 5432…MeetUs! Conference can teach you everything you need to know!

2ndQuadrant, International News
Keynote speakers are always something everyone looks forward to at conferences.  We're particularly looking forward to seeing Dragos Dumitriu team up with our very own Gabriele Bartolini at the 5432...MeetUs! conference in Milan, Italy June 28 and 29.Dragos Dumitriu is an industry leader in the Agile community and renowned Kanban expert - helping to improve organisational efficiency in teams since 2004. 2ndQuadrant Italia has had a great friendship with Dragos since 2013 and will host him as a keynote speaker at the second edition of the 5432...MeetUs! conference. Dragos and Gabriele will discuss lean and Kanban in human enterprise environments, using 2ndQuadrant Italia as a live case study.In addition to his talk, Dragos will host a certified Kanban training in the days after the

OSS4B 2013, innovate through Open Source

Gabriele's PlanetPostgreSQL
The traditional Monash University Prato Centre, historical venue of the first European PGDay, will host the first edition of another conference: Open Source Software for Business, aka OSS4B.OSS4B 2013 will take place in Prato, Tuscany, Italy on September 19 and 20. Through the experience gained with several organisations of PostgreSQL related events, we have tried to bring this kind of conference to a higher level, by embracing all open source technologies and services (not just Postgres) which are at the core of ICT enterprises.(more…)