Monday, February 18

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Conference isn’t enough?!  Join us for post-conference training!

Conference isn’t enough?! Join us for post-conference training!

2ndQuadrant, International News
Did you know - 2ndQuadrant has the largest single, collection of PostgreSQL experts of any company globally?! With a team of some of the best known developers, they all still actively contribute to the progressive development of PostgreSQL. Would you like to have access to some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people available? The 5432...MeetUs! post-conference training is your chance! In addition to the Kanban System Design training course with Dragos Dumitriu we mentioned last week, there will be a variety of other training courses in the days following the 5432...MeetUs! conference.  When you attend a course with 2ndQuadrant, you learn from experts who understand PostgreSQL, the platforms, programs, and languages at the deepest level. Learn in depth about the (more…)
Second Edition of 5432…MeetUs!

Second Edition of 5432…MeetUs!

2ndQuadrant, Britt's PlanetPostgreSQL, International News
The second edition of the 5432...MeetUs! conference is sure to be one to remember.  They will be hosting PostgreSQL experts, users, and contributors from all over the world.  With talks, workshops, and trainings - we are sure to stay busy every minute! With speakers like Zalando's Valentine Gogichasvili and IBM's Andrea Vercellini, it will be great to be in good company with fellow PostgreSQL supporters and hear real life case studies of individuals who have successfully applied PostgreSQL and Open Source practices and tools within their enterprises. In addition to the independent developers, other companies we look forward to catching up with at the event include Dalibo,, Navionics, InnoGames, PaxLife, and more. Check out who all will be in attendance! Even (more…)