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PGConf APAC 2018 – bigger & better each year

2ndQuadrant, Umair's PlanetPostgreSQL
Last week saw the 3rd event in as many years in Singapore, and yet this time something was very different. For the last 2 years, we had been conducting the conference as a PostgreSQL track with FOSSASIA. This year, we were able to pull off an entirely independent, 2-day event completely focused on PostgreSQL! The event kicked off with a keynote from Joe Conway (flying in all the way from USA!), who talked about the features to look forward to in PostgreSQL 11. The release is currently scheduled for September 2018. This was followed by 8 talks on the first day and 7 talks on the second day. We also had a round of lightening talks, which were followed by a speaker/sponsor dinner. As an organizer, one of the things that made the conference very exciting for me was the quality  (more…)

PostgreSQL Popularity Continues to Grow!

Simon's PlanetPostgreSQL
Some years ago, I prophesized that PostgreSQL would win in the end, and that we would be able to tell because there would be "Microsoft PostgreSQL". I am happy to report that has now happened. Microsoft PostgreSQL database service on Azure was announced recently. Of course, that was just a metaphor for "a.n.other big company", I'm not signalling MS as requiring special attention here, in fact they have been the last to do this. That means PostgreSQL database services are now available from all of the main cloud service providers: Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft. Yay! We have achieved 100% breakthrough in terms of cloud adoption - everyone recognizes now that PostgreSQL is big and adoption is accelerating. PostgreSQL is now used in UK and US governments, see UK (http://www. (more…)

“Now is Better Than Never” – Why I decided to attend PyCon8…

2ndQuadrant, Britt's PlanetPostgreSQL
…and why I’m glad I did. It’s not all technical… Who knew?! Last year, Pycon7 was held right about the time I joined 2ndQuadrant. Seeing as I was new to the technology AND the Italian language (note: there was an English track), I opted out of attending. Well, after attending Pycon8, I can say that I won’t make that mistake again! Over the past year working in the Open Source community, I’ve learned more technical information than I could have ever imagined. Even then, attending a technical conference and understanding (completely) technical talks seemed a little far-fetched. Or so I thought! Since being introduced to the wonderful world of Open Source, PostgreSQL, and numerous other technologies - I’m continuously fascinated by the way that the communities (more…)
pgDay 2017 à Paris: conférence PostgreSQL internationale

pgDay 2017 à Paris: conférence PostgreSQL internationale

Cedric's FR PlanetePostgreSQL
Un événement communautaire Cette année encore 2ndQuadrant aide la communauté PostgreSQL en France en étant Partenaire du pgDay 2017 à Paris Cette journée de conférences, en anglais exclusivement, est une opportunité unique d'en apprendre plus sur le fonctionnement et l'activité de PostgreSQL. Sécurité, benchmarks, supervision, roadmap pour la version 10, réplication, ... de nombreux sujets, variés et d'actualité. A noter qu'il n'est pas nécessaire de savoir lire Shakespeare dans la langue pour comprendre ce qu'il va se dire, c'est donc également une bonne occasion de renforcer votre anglais technique! 2ndQuadrant tient à remercier Vik Fearing pour sa très forte implication dans l'organisation de cet événement communautaire appuyé par l'association Européenne (more…)
PGDay.IT 2016 in Prato, Italy

PGDay.IT 2016 in Prato, Italy

2ndQuadrant, Jonathan's PlanetPostgreSQL
This year, the ITPUG (Italian Postgres User Group) organized PGDay in Prato, my hometown and city where the association was born, although most of the members are from outside of the Tuscany region. It was my pleasure to contribute to the community by sharing my professional experience. I gave a talk about PostgreSQL on Network File System, a research based on crash tests to prove reliability using PostgreSQL on NFS. Sharing my PostgreSQL experience with the participants was useful and pleasant. During the event, I had the chance to attend the talk about tools for upgrading Postgres between major releases given by Denis Gasparin; and the one about ULSS's (Regional Healthcare System) migration to Open Source, given by Giorgio Roncolato, proving that more institutions than we thought (more…)
Committed to the PostgreSQL Community, 2ndQuadrant Contributes to 9.6

Committed to the PostgreSQL Community, 2ndQuadrant Contributes to 9.6

2ndQuadrant, Featured, Umair's PlanetPostgreSQL
The latest version of PostgreSQL 9.6 is planned to be released later today, bringing with it some much anticipated features and updates. As the most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL strives to release a major version roughly once every year. With an active and collaborative community, this PostgreSQL release boasts impressive features and updates thanks to contributions from many of the highly knowledgeable community members.   The expanding team at 2ndQuadrant has continued to show dedication to the PostgreSQL database project by contributing heavily to the PostgreSQL 9.6 release. Parallel execution of large queries has been a known shortcoming of PostgreSQL for some time, but this is no longer an issue with the 9.6 release. David Rowley and Simon Riggs contributed to (more…)

Working Together to create an Open Source World

Last week, 2ndQuadrant's Gabriele Bartolini was privileged to speak at IBM Italia's Open Innovation event in Milan, Italy. At this event, IBM highlighted the strengths of open source such as flexibility, continuous innovation, and a collaborative community. With the impact of open source growing rapidly on business decisions, members of the open source and PostgreSQL communities are working together to educate and empower the growth of this movement. Gabriele not only shared the unique 2ndQuadrant experience of open source and PostgreSQL but gave an overview of the global community that is PostgreSQL. Gabriele explained how a free and open license, combined with innovation and progression are all positive aspects of migrating to PostgreSQL while still maintaining business (more…)
Column Store Plans

Column Store Plans

2ndQuadrant, Alvaro's PlanetPostgreSQL, PostgreSQL
Over at pgsql-general, Bráulio Bhavamitra asks: I wonder if there is any plans to move postgresql entirely to a columnar store (or at least make it an option), maybe for version 10? This is a pretty interesting question. Completely replacing the current row-based store wouldn't be a good idea: it has served us extremely well and I'm pretty sure that replacing it entirely with a columnar store would be disastrous performance-wise for OLTP use cases. That doesn't mean columnar stores are a bad idea in general — because they aren't. They just have a more limited use case than “the whole database”. For analytical queries on append-mostly data, a columnar store is a much more appropriate representation than the regular row-based store, but not all databases are analytical. (more…)
PostgreSQL User Group NL

PostgreSQL User Group NL

Gianni's PlanetPostgreSQL, International News, PostgreSQL, User Group
Last week I was invited by the Dutch PostgreSQL User Group in Amsterdam to speak on PostgreSQL Administration Recipes. It was the first session of 2016, and the third since they started meeting last year. Using the simple format of a cooking recipe, I presented some techniques that a PostgreSQL DBA can use to solve recurring problems, for instance: change your password without leaving traces of the new password around; quickly estimate the number of rows in a table; see which parameters have a non-default setting; temporarily disable an index without dropping it. The last recipe was more philosophical: plan your backups, or better yet, plan your recovery! After my talk I listened to the interesting presentation from Reiner Peterke who described pg_inside, his tool for collecting (more…)

Japan PostgreSQL Conference 2014

Ian's PlanetPostgreSQL
Japan has been an early and vigorous adopter of PostgreSQL (back in 2006, when PostgreSQL was still emerging from obscurity in the western hemisphere, I noted that in Tokyo bookstores, PostgreSQL books outweighed MySQL ones by about 5:3), and it's no surprise that by nationality, only the USA and Germany have more committers. The Japan PostgreSQL User Group (JPUG) has been around a while too and is one of the oldest and most active worldwide (and has been around long enough to have established a Japanese logo for PostgreSQL which is often used in place of Slonik [*]) . This year JPUG celebrates its 15th anniversary, and the 2014 conference - held in Tokyo on December 5th - was the largest yet with over 20 speakers, 5 (five!) parallel tracks and around 280 attendees. Continuing a (more…)