Friday, December 14

PostgreSQL 10 Roadmap

At the PostgreSQL developer meeting we discussed putting up everybody’s roadmap projects in one place:

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Roadmap Projects

Logical Replication

  • Use Case: Upgrade
  • Use Case: Partial database replication
  • Aiming for a full and complete implementation for 10.0, allowing other use cases to be supported in later releases.

Column Storage & Executor Efficiency

  • Indexes
  • Columnar Indexes (for Column Store)
  • Parallel BRIN scan
  • Row insertion using index (BRIN)
  • HOT optimizations

Optimizer & Statistics

Our calculations suggest that more statistics will help query planning.

Transactions & Programmability

  • Procedures
  • Autonomous Transactions

Management features for Replication & Backup

  • Bring recovery.conf parameters into postgresql.conf, since it’s v10.0 next
  • Allow snapshots on standby servers, allowing parallel backup etc..

Locking & Data Availability

  • Further lock reductions for DDL

Distributed Systems

  • Node Registry
  • Feeding back from Postgres-XL into Core Postgres

Various other projects as well.


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