Saturday, March 23

Jaime’s PlanetPostgreSQL

Managing useful clusters with repmgr

Jaime's PlanetPostgreSQL
To create a standby in PostgreSQL is relatively easy, and because of the hot standby feature, that alone is certainly very useful. But creating a useful cluster that gives us real HA... that's another story. The complexities added by failure detection, STONITH rules and choosing a new master could be overwhelming. But still, it is an important part of maintaining a healthy PostgreSQL environment. Repmgr 2.0 gives you the opportunity to configure a more streamlined failover process for when you need it. Repmgr 2.0 was released as a beta about a month ago, and we incorporated many feature requests received from the community. If you requested something of the tool which didn’t make it into this release, keep on us, as we’ve been working hard to insure we a had release out prior to 9.2 (more…)