Wednesday, October 24

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CHAR (16) – Another conference on the horizon but with a focus on business

CHAR (16) – Another conference on the horizon but with a focus on business

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The PostgreSQL user community is becoming spoilt with a choice of excellent events organized by both local user groups and commercial organizations supporting the PostgreSQL project.  And amongst the events taking place in December, the one you definitely shouldn't miss attending is CHAR(16). ‘CHAR(16): Scalability for Business’ is intended to fulfill a different requirement - different to the many excellent PostgreSQL related events we attend and support. Different because we’ve set out to organize a conference that is business focused and specifically we want to highlight the impact the PostgreSQL Development Group is making on database scalability for enterprises, addressing the need to scale. The need to scale databases is probably high on most technical departments (more…)

Enterprise Support – The final hurdle for PostgreSQL?

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It's been an interesting 9 months for me personally, joining the 2ndQuadrant team in April 2013 to lead marketing. I've been particularly impressed by the quality and skills of the people I've met - not just from 2ndQuadrant but also the Postgres Community, from many countries around the world. Of course what has also impressed me is the quality of PostgreSQL.  The more I learn, the more I can see there is a hugely exciting opportunity ahead for everyone involved. What's puzzled me more than anything though is how little I personally knew about Postgres. With 18 years of commercial marketing in the IT industry, I confess I knew little about Postgres until joining 2ndQuadrant, so I'm frequently making comments like 'wow' as I learn more! I'm always intrigued to find out what (more…)