Saturday, March 23

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Don’t be hard-headed… Harden your PostgreSQL database to ensure security

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When it comes to database security, the risk is definitely not worth the reward. Being hard-headed about database security procedures can not only disrupt your business and cost you millions, but it can make irreparable damage to your customer relationship and public identity. How important is the security of your data to your organization Nearly 90% of respondents in the 2017 Nexia International Global Cybersecurity Report  stated that cybersecurity is a top or moderate concern for their organization, yet only 53% reported having a formal cybersecurity plan in place. Even more alarming is that 20% of respondents that are required by law to have a formal Cybersecurity Plan do not actually have such a program in place [1]. It’s obvious that the need for cybersecurity plans and (more…)

PostgreSQL and the Platinum Guarantee

Britt's Marketing
2ndQuadrant experts have recently fixed a bug in PostgreSQL, outstanding since the 9.3 release, that causes Free Space Map (FSM) corruption, resulting in INSERT/UPDATE queries to fail on the affected table. More details here. The fix will be included in maintenance releases for PostgreSQL due in next quarter, but has already been released to 2ndQuadrant customers. This is great news, and some seriously impressive sleuthing from 2ndQuadrant. Thank you for your persistence, it makes us realize our support fee is going to a good place. - Phil Scott from Cantab Capital Scott is one of the people who suffered from this bug and has spent much time trying to find and resolve the problem himself. 2ndQuadrant provides support for PostgreSQL, but most importantly: we fix bugs. Our Platinum (more…)