Tablesample In PostgreSQL 9.5

PostgreSQL 9.5 introduces support for TABLESAMPLE, an SQL SELECT clause that returns a random sample from a table.

What’s new in PgBouncer 1.6

The latest release of PgBouncer was announced on 1st of August 2015. In this blog post we’ll talk about the major new improvements of PgBouncer.

The WITHIN GROUP and FILTER SQL clauses of PostgreSQL 9.4

PostgreSQL 9.4 extends the SQL standard by inserting two new clauses: the WITHIN GROUP and FILTER clauses.


In PostgreSQL 9.5 will be possible to import a complete schema from an external database, using Foreign Data Wrappers and IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA command.

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part three)

How to automate Barman setup and configuration with Puppet and the it2ndq/barman module to backup a PostgreSQL server (part three)

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part two)

How to automate Barman setup and configuration with Puppet and the it2ndq/barman module to backup a PostgreSQL server (part two)

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part one)

How to automate Barman setup and configuration with Puppet and the it2ndq/barman module to backup a PostgreSQL server

What’s new about Barman 1.4.0?

The 1.4.0 version of Barman adds new features such as incremental backup and automatic integration with pg_stat_archiver.

JSONB type performance in PostgreSQL 9.4

The 9.4 version of PostgreSQL introduces the JSONB data type, a specialised representation of the JSON data!

NoSQL with PostgreSQL 9.4 and JSONB

The introduction of JSONB data type in PostgreSQL, definitely makes the “NoSQL” side of this relational DBMS come out

PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators (part two)

A two-part article to explain the main new features of PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators

PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators (part one)

A two-part article to explain the main new features of PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators

Letter from Japan

Greetings, honourable reader. My name is Barwick of the 2ndQuadrant Company. With the onset of the Plum Rain, in my humble estimation it has become hot and humid recently. I trust all is well in your exalted undertakings? No, I haven’t flipped a bit – the above is actually pretty much how a Japanese business…


Concurrent backups with Barman and PostgreSQL 9.6

PostgreSQL 9.6 has extended the traditional framework available for physical backups by allowing users to take backups concurrently. Barman will transparently support this new set of functions without requiring the pgespresso extension.


Conference isn’t enough?! Join us for post-conference training!

Did you know – 2ndQuadrant has the largest single, collection of PostgreSQL experts of any company globally?! With a team of some of the best known developers, they all still actively contribute to the progressive development of PostgreSQL. Would you like to have access to some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people available? The…

Finding your PostgreSQL version

Questions How do you tell what version of PostgreSQL you are using? What is the version number of your PostgreSQL server? What’s the release of your Postgres server? What release is your Postgres database? How do I write a program that acts differently for different versions of the PostgreSQL server? Answer For a long time…


5432…MeetUs! Conference Gives Opportunities for Meaningful Takeaways

If you are eager to learn new competencies or advance your skills in PostgreSQL and other Open Source programs, platforms, and languages, you should join us at the 5432…MeetUs! conference! Between the workshop track offered during the conference and the optional trainings offered in the two days following the conference, it looks like there will be something…


Second Edition of 5432…MeetUs!

The second edition of the 5432…MeetUs! conference is sure to be one to remember.  They will be hosting PostgreSQL experts, users, and contributors from all over the world.  With talks, workshops, and trainings – we are sure to stay busy every minute! With speakers like Zalando’s Valentine Gogichasvili and IBM’s Andrea Vercellini, it will be…


Keen on Kanban? The 5432…MeetUs! Conference can teach you everything you need to know!

Keynote speakers are always something everyone looks forward to at conferences.  We’re particularly looking forward to seeing Dragos Dumitriu team up with our very own Gabriele Bartolini at the 5432…MeetUs! conference in Milan, Italy June 28 and 29. Dragos Dumitriu is an industry leader in the Agile community and renowned Kanban expert – helping to improve…

Using Java Object Oriented Querying (jOOQ) with PostgreSQL

jOOQ is an ORM-alternative that is relational model centric rather than domain model centric like most ORMs. For example, while Hibernate lets you write Java code and then automatically translates it to SQL, jOOQ let’s you write relational objects in your database using SQL and then automatically generates Java code to map to those relational…

PgDay France 2016

31 May 2016 – PgDay France was a well attended conference with more than 140 attendees, with many presentations from PostgreSQL users further demonstrating just how popular PostgreSQL is now. It was good to see a large well organized conference in Lille, the “capital of Northern France”. Lille is an industrial hub and university…

Application users vs. Row Level Security

A few days ago I’ve blogged about the common issues with roles and privileges we discover during security reviews. Of course, PostgreSQL offers many advanced security-related features, one of them being Row Level Security (RLS), available since PostgreSQL 9.5. As 9.5 was released in January 2016 (so just a few months ago), RLS is fairly…

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