Tablesample In PostgreSQL 9.5

PostgreSQL 9.5 introduces support for TABLESAMPLE, an SQL SELECT clause that returns a random sample from a table.

What’s new in PgBouncer 1.6

The latest release of PgBouncer was announced on 1st of August 2015. In this blog post we’ll talk about the major new improvements of PgBouncer.

The WITHIN GROUP and FILTER SQL clauses of PostgreSQL 9.4

PostgreSQL 9.4 extends the SQL standard by inserting two new clauses: the WITHIN GROUP and FILTER clauses.


In PostgreSQL 9.5 will be possible to import a complete schema from an external database, using Foreign Data Wrappers and IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA command.

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part three)

How to automate Barman setup and configuration with Puppet and the it2ndq/barman module to backup a PostgreSQL server (part three)

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part two)

How to automate Barman setup and configuration with Puppet and the it2ndq/barman module to backup a PostgreSQL server (part two)

Automating Barman with Puppet: it2ndq/barman (part one)

How to automate Barman setup and configuration with Puppet and the it2ndq/barman module to backup a PostgreSQL server

What’s new about Barman 1.4.0?

The 1.4.0 version of Barman adds new features such as incremental backup and automatic integration with pg_stat_archiver.

JSONB type performance in PostgreSQL 9.4

The 9.4 version of PostgreSQL introduces the JSONB data type, a specialised representation of the JSON data!

NoSQL with PostgreSQL 9.4 and JSONB

The introduction of JSONB data type in PostgreSQL, definitely makes the “NoSQL” side of this relational DBMS come out

PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators (part two)

A two-part article to explain the main new features of PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators

PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators (part one)

A two-part article to explain the main new features of PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators

Visual PostgreSQL debugging

Having recently been doing some debugging work where many watchpoints, conditional breakpoints etc were necessary I’d like to shout out to a really useful tool: The standalone CDT debugger. It’s part of the Eclipse project, but before you run screaming – it doesn’t require project setup or anything and it serves as a good GUI…

PGLogical 1.1 released with sequence support and more

The new feature version of pglogical is now available. The new release brings support for sequence replication, manually configured parallel subscriptions, replica triggers, numerous usability improvements and bug fixes. Let’s look into the changes in more detail.

Don’t set fsync=off if you want to keep your data

There are a lot of amazing features coming in PostgreSQL 9.6, but I’m personally very happy about a really small, simple one that helps close a long-standing user foot-gun. commit a31212b429cd3397fb3147b1a584ae33224454a6 Author: Robert Haas Date: Wed Apr 27 13:46:26 2016 -0400 Change postgresql.conf.sample to say that fsync=off will corrupt data. Discussion: Per a suggestion…

Some columns

Column Store Plans

Over at pgsql-general, Bráulio Bhavamitra asks: I wonder if there is any plans to move postgresql entirely to a columnar store (or at least make it an option), maybe for version 10? This is a pretty interesting question. Completely replacing the current row-based store wouldn’t be a good idea: it has served us extremely well…

On the usefulness of expression indexes

When teaching PostgreSQL trainings, both on basics and advanced topics, I often find out the attendees have very little idea how powerful the expression indexes may be (if they are aware of them at all). So let me give you a brief overview. So, let’s say we have a table, with a range of timestamps…

9.6 Scariest Patch Tournament

PostgreSQL’s Release Management Team is requesting your input on patches that are most likely to cause bugs or instability. I’m sure you have an opinion on that! Please cast your votes by filling this form.

Postgres-XL 9.5r1 has finally arrived!

After months of efforts, I’m pleased that Postgres-XL 9.5r1 is seeing the daylight. It has been tremendous collective efforts by many, both inside and outside 2ndQuadrant. Often it’s not visible via commit history or mailing list communications, but I must admit that many folks have contributed in making this grand release. Contributors who wrote code…

Sample coverage report

Code coverage stats

Many years ago, Michelle Caise submitted a patch to generate code coverage reports for the PostgreSQL code base, based on the lcov utility. Although I cannot find any record of an actual patch in the mailing list archives, Peter Eisentraut committed it some time later, and applied further refinements later. Today I’m announcing a new…

pgpredict – Predictive analytics in PostgreSQL

We all realize how important it is to be able to analyze the data we gather and extract useful information from it. 2UDA is a step in that direction and aims to bring together data storage and management (PostgreSQL) with data mining and analysis (Orange). pgpredict is a project in development and aims to be…

What is SKIP LOCKED for in PostgreSQL 9.5?

PostgreSQL 9.5 introduces a new SKIP LOCKED option to SELECT … FOR [KEY] UPDATE|SHARE. It’s used in the same place as NOWAIT and, like NOWAIT, affects behaviour when the tuple is locked by another transaction. The main utility of SKIP LOCKED is for building simple, reliable and efficient concurrent work queues.

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